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At the initial stage of writing the work, you must approve her plan. This is an important component of the graduation project. You can approve it at the head of your thesis.

Before embarking on this work, it is best to build this graduation project plan in your thoughts, and approximately determine the structure and component of each item for yourself.

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HOW IS IT CORRECT TO WRITE A CAPSTONE PROJECT? How to wrap up a thesis project For those who will soon graduate from universities, the question arises: "How to write a thesis project?". It does not matter at all what specialty you are studying, since all theses are built according to the same standard scheme, so the tips that we will consider will be practical for students of all universities. Protection of the thesis can be compared by the example of how a person gets a new job. Imagine that you have already completed training, and came to the interview to the company where you want to get a job. Since you have just completed your studies, you most likely have only theoretical knowledge, but you lack practical skills. Passing an interview, you probably try to show yourself to the employer from the best side, talking about your achievements, as well as the qualities you possess, and generally share your life achievements. After you present yourself to an employer, he decides whether or not to hire you. Approximately the same can be said about the protection of the graduation paper. Your task is to introduce yourself to professors, as well as teachers from the best side, giving them the success of your studies, as well as the result of the knowledge that you have gained in all the years of study. Appreciation for your work, will largely depend on how competently and confidently you presented it. Of course, this work takes time and effort, so some students try to simplify this stage of work, deciding simply to buy a finished graduation project. However, this is not the best solution, after spending many years on training, this work is the result of all the efforts that have been spent. Therefore, it is much better if you yourself defend your diploma, because your future will depend on how well you do it, and how you will become an expert in your field. Therefore, we will now consider what needs to be considered for the correct writing of a thesis, and in general how to prepare for this final important stage of training. The main components of the thesis. Often the mistake of many students is the wrong pace of writing a graduation work. Most of them start this work not in advance, starting to write a thesis work at the last moment, from which the quality of work suffers. The best option is to start writing a thesis as early as possible so that you have time to work out. In addition, there may be mistakes in the project, so if you start work in advance, you will also have time to correct them. Writing a thesis can be divided into 8 main stages.

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